Two Steps Back

by War Boy

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Numb again Another empty glass Another day goes past Am I really here? just another dream sick fantasy of me Part of me Always dying Always lying Only flesh Just another body Am I truly alive The emptiness is followed by the need for pain Another broken bottles Attempt to keep me sane The knives I stick in you, you can keep for yourself How can I feel for you when I cant feel myself I have no sensation, I have no sensation Im no provider, Im no affectionate one only feeling peace at the end of a gun another split brain of mental dichotomy in the end I will bring you with me Im just a drunken bastard Cold hearted cynic you will never know Turning chain link into brick wall lie with me lets see how far I fall and we’ll die
Sound of muffled screams, And cracking bones through paper walls I clutch my pen to bleed More words of pain letters start to crawl Crys from the next room over As the howling drills start to knaw The flesh of brothers skin, For the prodigy im turning in His torture fuels my dreams His blood becomes my stories ink Oh brother please shut your mouth I can hear you Your cries make my ears bleed Though your shrieks I fell your agony Others are trying to sleep Your killing me Mother cant you silence him Hes running through my brain his rattling chains and his blood stains Are causing me so much pain I cant take this any longer his torture tortures me daddy wont you stick him fast daddy set me free Mommy, can you help him Mommy, can you help me Oh please, save the boy in the next room over Mommy, please end my torture From the next room over The Next room over
Devoid 03:53
mistress came with her boot knee high the sadistic spark burning threw her eyes mistress came with a whip crack showing her affection threw the lines on our back Mistress came with force in mind your pleasure is the beauty she finds mistress came whoa black leather to your heels from the pain i cant feel no love for the devoid no love for beaten boys devoid when im with you im only here for you thank you mistress can i please have 1 more thank you mistress can i please have 2 more thank you mistress can i please have 3 more thank you mistress can i please have 4 more
Come one come all, now, boys and girls Prepare yourself for the new world The human race now in my image Your children all absorb my visage Everyday run through your drills Boys in pants, dresses on girls Hurry in now single file Your right to thought I will defile Don’t think like that, its obscenity If your not in line your against me My right and wrong, arbitrary As I fight for freedom with hypocrisy Our righteous way we will never abandon while the subhumans all get scanned in now fall in line to attention prepare yourself for full retention Don’t look like that, Don’t dress this way Don’t talk like that, watch what you say Our call for freedom rings today Down on your knees lets begin pray Don’t think like that, you should think this way Don’t talk like that, watch what you say Relax your throat for ideology From the brand new fascist and were here to stay cages stem from idiocy the locks my new autocracy show me your fears , show me your pains tell me who next should we blame the coons the kykes the Mexicans or the faggots who let them all in? bourgeois? proletariat? Grab a rag head and bury it
Piggy 01:33
Piggy walks around the world snorting at the girls he sees No woman wants to lie with pigs embodying disease And piggy eats and shits alone reeking in disgust Ladies vomit from the thought of being an object of his lust But piggy still lives on, offending those who look upon The retch he calls a face, and his body stinking up the place Piggy just go off and die Take a load off my tired eye Repulsive living entity Of undesirability a rancid fugly pus sore A putrid shit no one could adore He sits there slobbering beating meat Drying up women in their seats Here piggy piggy come to die
Baby eaten by rats cause mommy wants to go and dance, Drown your children cause god told mama to, Mr Fish is gonna make your little ones scream, Neighbors hanging boys in the closet, nobody knew As you sit there in your room Million mothers making baby tombs No matter how innocent the world’s darkness always looms Murdered on the corner for 2 fifty dollars bills Maggie’s pulling meat on the street just to get her pills Starving, reek of piss, and you’re sick, go get a job Well maybe one more shot will keep the pain away Well the world aint peach n cream No matter how well it might seem Can you feel the nightmare reach down into your dream How can hell be any worse? Then this rotten earth How can hell be any worse? Let the bodies burn How can hell be any worse I don’t think it can Armies marching overseas, armies marching over you Hunger for the masses and gluttony for the few Zealots hacking genocide, where is your god now Well this one last shot will take the pain away
Not Enough 04:03
promises, repeated lies the damped dreams of tomorrow die well they say dont worry everything will be fine you dont know your comforting is not enough look through the eyes, not through the glass tell me now, what do you see well they say dont worry no matter youll pull through you dont know your empty words are not enough its been to long, im going now this life of mine, i dont belong well they say dont worry everything will be fine you dont know your comforting is not enough


Written and recorded in the early months of 2016 in a filthy 8X8 room. It is War Boy's first album


released March 29, 2016

All instruments and Vocals by Matt Rodriguez


all rights reserved



War Boy Ontario, California

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